What is “High Reliability”?

“High Reliability” is a Science, engineered to develop skills, techniques, processes, sustainable behaviors and culture in an organization and among its people to prevent accidents, damage and harm.

A “High Reliability Organization” (HRO) is a scientific term for operations where the likelihood of serious accidents is high and the operation has reduced accidents, harm, and/or casualties to “ZERO HARM” ** Examples are found in aerospace, aviation/air traffic control, nuclear power, and healthcare among other industries.  High Reliability Organizations’ scientists and engineers have mastered the science of accident prevention by analyzing accident causes and implementing methods, training, and culture to prevent accidents, damage and/or casualties. 

Our Co-Founder Craig Clapper is an original chief architect of High Reliability science in nuclear power and healthcare HRO pioneer.  Tamra Strong, our CEO and co-founder, is a 30+ year esteemed HRO practitioner and founding healthcare HRO expert.

Our company, RELIABILITY 4Life delivers REAL “high reliability” science to high-risk industries – AND BEYOND.  Here’s why: we all encounter situations where distractions, oversights, honest mistakes, and “snap decisions” can lead to accidents.  Some mistakes are harmless, but those same “harmless” mistakes can turn out differently with unintended, costly, even “life or death” outcomes.  Imagine a typical “harmless mistake” – leaving a pot unattended on the stove and getting distracted.  Fortunately, it’s usually a “close call,” a burned pot and a big clean-up. But, far more often than any of us want to believe, this harmless situation often has unimaginable consequences.

Thankfully and perhaps surprisingly, 70% of the acts leading to these foreseeable accidents are preventable whether in nuclear power, a “typical” workplace or daily life through “high reliability” science and best practices.  

RELIABILITY 4Life delivers authentic, “High Reliability” REAL SCIENCE not only to high-risk industries, but also to the “typical” workplace and everyday life, because REAL “High Reliability” SCIENCE delivers REAL RESULTS:  healthier, happier, safer environments where we work, live, learn and play.

** “ZERO Harm: How to Achieve Patient and Workforce Safety in Healthcare” documents the origins of healthcare safety management systems.  In their seminal healthcare HRO text, Craig Clapper, and team, including RELIABILITY 4Life co-founder, Tamra Strong, capture healthcare HRO success stories and best practices – the origins of Healthcare HROs.