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Real Science Real ResultsReal Science. Real Results. 

Craig Clapper, PE, CRE, author and editor of "ZERO HARM", and team bring 60+ years delivering best-in-class results in healthcare, manufacturing, power, and transportation.  Always evidence-based, informed solutions.

You Come First

You Come First

We meet you where you are on your journey to high reliability.  High touch consulting, our solutions are custom-tailored and aligned with your organization's culture, goals and resources.

Lasting TransformationLasting Transformation

STRONG™ Framework.  Unique Generative Culture program and training development for lasting results. A transformational and transitional solution.

Life ModelLife™ Model

Cutting edge innovation, integrates educational theory and science of cognitive psychology, neuroscience, and habit formation for accelerated, lasting transformation.

Healthcare and BeyondHealthcare and Beyond

Portable authentic High Reliability methodology that enables safer, healthier, ecosystems wherever you work, learn, play, and live.