Reliability 4 Life Group

R4L's Approach and Solutions are Unique...

Craig and Tami's extensive experience in the healthcare industry has fueled their passion for improving safety and reliability by linking all of life's spaces, where we work, live, learn, and play.  R4L's approach is unique, incorporating the science of habit formation and human psychosocial development, creating a unique learning experience while accelerating an organization's results and path to sustainment. 

R4L client-partners improvements

50-80% reduction in serious harm over 36-60 months

75%-90% reduction in workforce injury over 48-72 months

Safety Culture Improvements over 20% in non-punitive response and open communication.










R4L's signature L.I.F.E Cycle

A 4-Step transformative and collaborative approach for preparing, organizing, and deploying safety and high reliability solutions in your organization. Each client-partner's LIFE Cycle is tailored to align with their organization's goals, resources, and pace. 

Reliability 4 Life Group Life Cycle

We start with SAFETY first.

Safety first is necessary but insufficient to achieve ZERO Harm ZERO Defects. Even with safety as a precondition/priority, variation is the system can still result in system-caused human error that leads to patient harm and workforce injury. To achieve the vision of ZERO harm Zero defects, requires both safety and system reliability, with the ability to execute consistently over time. 

High Reliability Organizations have a "Generative Safety Culture".

R4L utilizes techniques to help organizations accelerate the maturity of their safety culture.  An organization that has achieved a generative safety culture has unique characteristics. Including, the value system associated with safety and working safely is fully internalized as beliefs, to the point of almost being invisible. The members of the organization perform daily work aligned as one performance culture. The culture "lives" deeply within each member and self-replicates even during major leadership turnover and other internal and external challenges. 

R4L's Generational approach is evidence based.

We use an education and training approach to accelerate habit formation of new concepts and skills needed to achieve a generative culture. Both our generative and generational approach helps to build reliability into everyday living...forming high performance habits and supportive micro-cultures that transcend into every life space (our work environment, living environment, learning environment, and recreational activities).