Reliability for Life Group

The secret to becoming highly reliable lives within each of us...

Our humanity is a valuable and powerful asset. People have unique characteristics differentiating them from machines and technology, we have minds to think and feel. The Reliability 4 life group will help you unlock your team's potential, utilizing it as a powerful tool to help your organization achieve highly reliable results. 

Our Mission and Vision...

The mission of R4L is to empower people to shape life's outcomes, our vision is to create a Reliability Revolution®. R4L's approach is unique in that it links all aspects of life, including where we work, live, learn, and play, as well as organization's cultural and generational diversity, to accelerate transformational change. By building a generative culture (a high reliability culture that self-replicates), R4L aims to help organizations achieve highly reliable results.  

Imagine Creating a Reliability Revolution ®

Imagine learning simple but highly effective evidenced-based skills and strategies that help you experience fewer errors. Once the skills become habit, you take them with you to all of life’s spaces, High Reliability Life Skills = fewer errors, mistakes, less harm, fewer defects, GREATER Performance! 

Even better, imagine others in those spaces learning the same skills and strategies designed specifically for their generation. Shared experience and understanding create excellent learning environments and improve habit formation of NEW skills and strategies.  


Why Partner with the Reliability 4 Life Group...

We are national safety, high reliability, and performance improvement thought leaders with proven track records in operationalizing safety and high reliability principles... Our client-partners have achieved exceptional and sustainable published results.

While others sell you their solutions, we partner with you for your solution. 95% of our resources are dedicated to serving our client’s goals and objectives. We offer a full continuum of services to meet our client partner’s needs, resources, and pace.

Generational Approach: building micro-cultures where we work, live, learn, and play. Macro/Micro Learning Programs to accelerate behavior change, moving your organization toward a generative safety and high reliability culture.

We focus on improving system-caused human behavior and culture at the "Blunt End Sharp End" where work is designed and performed. We collaborate with leading innovators and thought leaders to design safer environments, processes, procedures, and technology to reduce harm and costs

Our advisory board is a client benefit. The advisory board functions as an R4L innovation team and a client advisory group. The group is made up of experts in leading for safety and high reliability, including CEO’s, Senior Executives, Physicians, Nurses, Educators, etc.

Our R4L 360 Model for hiring ensures that every team member has knowledge, experience, expertise, and purpose (KEEP) that our client partners require.
We use a collaborative team model to service our client partners to ensure optimal solutions are chosen and results are achieved.